Your Service Lane is a gold mine

Automotive News – Increase Your Marketing ROI at the Dealership

Some of the industry experts have pointed out how important it is for you, as a dealership, to pay attention to your service lane. Form a great opportunity to enhance your customer loyalty programs to an increase in new and used car sales, the service lane or service centers are a gold mine. You can increase your marketing ROI with just a few minor adjustments that will make a world of a difference.

Loyalty Reward Programs

Many of these ideas are a great test for car dealers today. If you take a moment to think about it, a client making an appointment for a routine oil change, may appreciate the additional discount the dealership can offer if they are part of the loyalty reward program. Some of the articles publish go on to say that loyalty reward members spend 11% more on yearly maintenance. Saving money will always be one of the most tempting perks for any customer.

Exclusive promotions – Any loyalty reward member has provided an email for relevant updates. Make sure your dealership is taking the time to plan out special promotions available only to these participants. By having this campaign, your loyal customers will feel appreciated, visit your service center more frequently and recommend you to their friends and family.

Increase your marketing ROI by using your assets to the max. Make your loyalty reward program what it is: an opportunity to save on every visit. The key is that the clients are spending money to save money!

Increase Car sales at the Service lane

Some of the service clients, loyalty reward members or not, may be wondering what it would cost to trade-up their current vehicle but just don’t have the time to go into the store and get the scoop from your sales force.

Trained Professionals – Customer satisfaction is a broad term. Is not just about making the customer happy; is about letting customer know everything that is available to them from the dealership. Many dealerships today are having trained sales professionals make rounds thru the service drive investigating and talking to potential clients about the option of trading-in their vehicle for another one.

With a bit of preparation, mobile apps that allow the sales professional to present comparison charts, financial options, monthly costs, trade-in value and more right there in the service drive, service clients can have the opportunity to consider purchasing another vehicle when presented with real numbers.

These are two easy-to-handle techniques that car dealerships can use to increase their marketing ROI with every day events. Give it a try today!