Automotive Press Releases Re-Invented

With the ongoing Google updates and so many opinions and speculations bought forth by Automotive SEO industry experts about how to realign websites and adjust strategies accordingly to claim back positions that were lost due to this, we have a simple solution. Go back to the basics.

Content is still the most important aspect of SEO in general and Automotive SEO in particular. The more relevant content that is published the more dealers gain in terms of search visibility.

earnOne of the greatest challenges these times is where to content. The best place to content is the dealers targeted main website as they get the most traffic for their brand name as well as other popular keywords in their market, assuming dealers have an SEO strategy in place.

Apart from the main site content, its also important to publish relevant articles, specials and news items on external platforms that rank well for those articles.

The problem is with the ongoing changes in Google Algorithms, may of the yesterday’s popular blogging sites and platforms have lost their relevance. On top of this most off the platforms are not Automotive Related.

The good news is there is one Automotive Press Releases platform that is built to work very well and is built with strong seo techniques in place that dealers need to keep in mind while publishing articles.

The high ranking is one of a kind of Automotive Press Release platform designed to work for the dealers, designed to not get affected by ongoing search engine changes.

The platform is designed in way that new dealer articles are automatically pushed into Google Index servers to get them indexed faster, the platform is intelligent enough to predict when Google visits the site for indexing, and when it does, it discovers your new articles and within hours these articles show up on page one.

When you signup for posting articles on you are indirectly signing up for getting your important and relevant articles indexed much faster with this high ranking site.

The icing on the cake is the social sharing feature of the platform, dealers, consumers, website user, etc are able to share the articles on other platforms with just click of a button.


About empowers every dealer or vendor with a highly ranked site that brings the opportunity to post relevant articles about their news, events, sales, testimonials and more in a way that it becomes and informative PR for those searching for a trusted car dealership or Automotive Vendor to visit or contact.

With a constant participation from our team and a variation of fresh articles that bring together the latest manufacturers’ updates, vendors that could serve car dealerships, OEM updates, and more, we’re resolving and filling in the gaps about presence and relevance on Google.

Dealer Newswire is yet another creation of Ananth Godavari, a technology expert and Organic Automotive SEO Specialist.

Use the contact us on the site or call Ananth at 732 654 9032 for a test drive and see how it can dramatically improve your PR effort.