Google Advisor Integrates Dealer Cars

Breaking News! As of 6-26-2012 morning Google started showing sponsored car snippets in its search results for certain areas. If you type “Toyota Sunnyvale” you would see a sponsored listing from Google Advisor.



It appears that Google is integrating dealer cars into its system. Right now we only see cars from San Francisco area but very soon we will be seeing cars from other areas as well.

Earlier Google Advisor had only for Credit Cards, Checking and Savings Accounts and CDs, but now we start to see Cars from dealers as well.image

The actual interface to find the right car is quite simple and easy to understand.

When this is completely integrated, we can see some huge drops in major players analytics.

You will also notice the following disclaimer in the footer. “Our service is free to you but to operate this service, we are compensated by some of the providers with which we work.” Google hasn’t yet disclosed who their providers are but its an easy guess. The vendor that has most dealers cars are the most probable ones.

I also noticed Google only has new vehicles. Again its only a matter of time when we see used cars and used car tools for consumers to appear in Google Advisor.

Google does it again!

Ananth Godavari

IntelliFuson Technologies

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