Understand and Improve Online and Social Reputation

imageIf you are a business owner its important to understand and improve your online reputation.

If you hired an internet marketing agency most likely they would understand, check and suggest improvements. But if your marketing vendor has not given you any insights on your social and online reputation or if you haven’t hired anyone for your marketing efforts then you can take advantage of the free service at brandify.com

At a first glance it looks like a credit score for businesses. But if you dig deeper into the results they show, you will see that there are several recommendations that they suggest that are not only simple but easy to implement.

In less than 10 minutes, I was able to improve my Business score by over 100 points.

As search engine give more preference to social engagement, its important that business owners, especially automotive dealers to pay attention to your online reputation.

Brandify For Automotive Dealers

If you are an automotive dealer, you still can use brandify. Almost all franchise dealers have hired vendors to manage their Automotive SEO and hopefully are getting reports back about your online reputation and social engagement.

Most of the internet advertising savvy dealers also have invested in increasing their online assets with Dealer Microsites and Automotive Advertising on platforms like AAN. These strategies mostly help in off page SEO for your main website.

Currently Brandify does not account for these strategies as they are only checking for your main website. The trick here really is to use these off page strategies to improve the relevance and search authority on your main website. If this is completely achieved then Brandify can include those results automatically in their reports.

You can check your Brand by clicking on Brandify Website.

If you need help on improving your brand online and socially engage more users and for other SEO strategies contact Ananth Godavari at 743 654 9032. You can also visit Intellifusion website for more strategies and ideas.