Automotive SEO Basics did not change much

Dealers and Automotive Advertising Companies have seen quite a few changes in Google Search algorithms. What we used to see in the early 2011 is entirely different from what we see today.

We now have Google Places, Google+, adding and then dropping third party reviews from Places Review Counts, etc. to name a few.

imageDespite all these changes the basics of Automotive SEO haven’t changed much. Page Rank, back links from relevant and authoritative sites, geo targeted domain URLs, etc. are still working and valid.

We will be seeing more changes to the way search results are displayed for users, but the basics of Automotive SEO haven’t changes much.

Granted the ongoing Google Panda updates are affecting linking strategies to some extent, but as long as the links are coming from reputable sites they are still being counted. It is also important to keep a tab on from what sites the links are generated from. If the links are generated from Google flagged sites, obviously it will impact SERPs.

The changes we see in SERPs are on top of the basic SEO strategies. For example Google+ is affecting SERPs but only to a certain extent and even less when users are not logged in to Google.

Automotive Dealers should be aware and be on top of these past changes. Not only that a dynamic dealer will also be watchful of current and future changes happening in the search world.

Dealer Microsites are still ranking high if designed and linked properly.

As search giants are refining their service to users, many of the Automotive Marketing Companies are not updating their services to reflect these changes or are very slow in adapting to the dynamics of search world.

Dealers should be on the watch for not only on Automotive SEO changes but also push their vendors to keep things updated with the changes.