Limited Retargeting on GDN expedites Mobile Apps

According to Jeff Ward-Bailey’s article on The Christian Science Monitor

Google spent much of last week dodging criticism from Apple users about its online privacy practices. But when Microsoft got involved this week, that’s when things got really interesting.

Users of Apple’s Safari browser recently claimed that Google was violating their privacy by circumventing a mechanism the browser uses to disable tracking.

Here’s what’s (apparently) going on under the hood: by default, Safari disables third-party cookies, nuggets of code that companies can use to identify users returning to a site they’ve visited before, or to track what other sites they visit. Safari can accept cookies if a user explicitly gives permission, but Google’s ad platform reportedly used a workaround to mimic approval of its cookies.


We all know the Do Not Call law had dramatic impact on the telemarketing industry, the browser cookie privacy laws is expected to put a huge dent in the ability to build retargeting audiences. We are not sure how fast and how big this dent is going to be due to the privacy filters.

With this recent uproar dealers would need to expedite the roll-out of branded mobile apps and Automotive mobile websites. The apps provide a direct communication channel with customers.

With email delivery rates low and privacy concerns on the rise, mobile apps are a strong way to have two-way communications with your customers.

As part of the delivery process or service process dealers can encourage smartphone owners to download the dealership’s custom app right in the store.

Automotive Advertising Network will start offering Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites exclusive to AAN members during 2nd Quarter 2012.

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