Automotive Microsites – A Major Influence on ZMOT

Until recently dealers and dealer website vendors have thought Dealer Microsites are an important tool for Automotive SEO. Generally Automotive Microsites are created for a specific reason, for example to appear high in SERPs for a targeted keyword or to focus on a particular dealer topic.

And its true that Microsites if done correctly can provide these benefits. There is an additional benefit that these Automotive Microsites provide. They become a part of Automotive ZMOT influencers.

According to Google on average consumers would visit 18 different sources before they decide on what brand of car they want to buy and where. On top of it the most common search queries are related to Price, performance and styling.

If the microsites created for dealers answer these questions and are keyword targeted at the same time, chances of these sites appearing among the 18 different source is high. This means consumers are most likely to come across your assets online than your competition’s assets.

This is very important to capture the online audience.

If your online reputation far exceeds than your competition than the likely hood of a consumer shopping for their next car in your dealership is higher.

Automotive Microsite ZMOT Strategy

An Automotive Microsite done to be part of ZMOT influencers need to have content that addresses Price, Performance and Styling of the brands they carry. It needs to target the most competitive keyword in their market and GEO-Target.

A microsite also needs a strong linking strategy for the keywords it was created for.

Having relevant content, answering common questions, strong linking strategy and keyword rich content makes the microsite appear strong in search results and becomes a part of the 18 different sources that influence consumer to shop at your dealership.

Automotive IRM influences ZMOT

There are other ZMOT influencers, dealers online reputation being the most important factor that need to be constantly monitored and improved. Google Place reviews, AAN Reviews, Yelp, Dealer Rater etc. are some of the places where the dealer need to concentrate on. It is important to have positive reviews to demonstrate the experience a consumer will likely have when they visit your dealership.

In summary, to sell more, dealers need to have to have an effective online strategy that includes microsites, positive online reputation, inventory, content and review syndication. Automotive Advertising Network provides all this for a low monthly fee.

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