Mobile Inspector Will Shake Up The Auto Industry

Brian Pasch loves to discuss digital marketing strategies with industry peers and when he sees an opportunity that can benefit the larger automotive community he is compelled to write and share.

Today, to the potential surprise of his readers, he is not writing about search marketing. He is writing about technology because he is very very excited about a new product that creates an innovative process for vehicle inventory inspection and merchandizing.

A dealer’s inventory is the primary eCommerce connection with consumers. Dealers make an significant investment to locate, appraise, purchase, recondition, and market used cars.

The physical infrastructure, human resources, insurance, financing, and marketing costs represent a large risk that dealers willingly take.

However, the attention to detail given to inspect, photograph, and merchandize their used cars on their website often does not reflect the massive investment dealers undertake to be in business. I see a costly disconnect in the auto industry on attention given to vehicle merchandizing.

You can read the rest of the article on Dealer Seo site here.

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