Automotive Dealer SEO and Google Related

As of August 16th 2011 evening, Google started showing Google Related for websites (I could only see a few as of now). Automotive Dealers will have a great impact on their web assets due to this.

imageGoogle Related for Automotive dealers seem to have 4 elements to it. A map, Google Reviews, Related Places and Related Searches. Although I am all for showing a map, I am not sure the other aspects of Google Related will have a positive impact on a dealership. For instance if a dealer website has a low star count, as a potential buyer I would in a second go to another place to shop for a car.

Dealers Need IRM Strategy even more now with Google Related.

imageDealer who do not invest in their IRM strategy are the ones that will get hurt most. A low star count means you lost the customer even before they read through the content on your website.

Being proactive and getting your customers post positive reviews in Google Places is the best way to get past this hurdle.

A dealer with low start count or recent low star counts need to investigate each incident and make sure have a good process in place to make sure unhappy customer reviews are limited or eliminated, especially since its easier to get bad reviews rather than good ones.

The related places tab at the bottom also shows star count for your competitors, If they have better start count, I would go shop in their dealership.

So its important not only to watch your counts but also your competitor counts, and provide best service you can to limit bad reviews and low star counts.


Automotive SEO and Google Related

It also seems from the Google Related bar, the related searches (last tab) shows various search results, in the searches I performed, I was looking for Toyota service in Sanford NC and I got related searches to show up for buying a new Toyota and/or a listing of Toyota dealers in the area. I believe Google will be refining the related searches even more to show more relevant results to the users. Evidently it very important to have more assets on page one for the keywords you wish to appear. This way Google Related Searches will always show more of the dealers listing and competitors.


So in summary it appears the strategy is 2 fold. One, to have good reviews and the other being strong Automotive Advertising in regards to Automotive SEO.

AAN can help car dealers achieve the objective of strong Automotive SEO that should include building geo targeted Automotive Microsites. PCG Digital Marketing Strategies can help in improving and retaining strong reviews. End of the day the dealer need to invest in Automotive SEO and Automotive IRM and keep up to date with changes Google is making and AAN can help.

Call us at 732 4508222 to talk to us and a quick demo of our services and tools and let us show you how you can benefit from these new changes.


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