Google Related Searches for Automotive Dealers

Recently while searching for a laptop to buy, I already knew what I wanted to buy. It’s an HP Core I7 that was on sale in Staples. The zero moment of truth is I already decided not only what to buy but also where to buy.

Then I decided to test out Google and see if Google can give me the best deal in a reputed store for the laptop I am interested in for a better price. I typed “laptop” in Google. I noticed something very new showing up. Since Google wants to show the best results for my query, gave me options of highly optimized and ranking sites in my area to buy a laptop on page one. Staples is not one of them.

imageThen I noticed a new thing showing up at the top of the results and just below the paid listings. Google is now showing options to filter results based on the broad product search term I used.

What Google is actually trying to do is providing me with options to refine my search. A click on any of these options are automatically added to the search box and results are displayed for the new focused search.

Since many of my clients are auto dealers and have created numerous Automotive Microsites for dealers, I tried a few more searches for Toyota, Cars, Honda, and the results seem to be normal like old days. But when I searched for Tires, or brakes the related search option showed up.

As interesting as this seems, it appears Google started providing this option mostly for products, and is not being shown on actual OEM brand searches yet. But my gut feeling is very soon we start seeing Stores, Models, and even service centers for the keywords like “Toyota”

Impact on Dealer SEO strategies

Needless to say this will have a huge impact on organic SEO strategies for car dealers. My speculation is that Automotive Dealers who invest on the best Automotive SEO strategy now will benefit when Google opens this for other Automotive Search Terms.

imageThe trick seems to be on page one for these important keywords and right now the greater impact is on Fixed Ops Microsites related searches. Search for Tires or Brakes and you will see what I am writing about.

Members of Automotive Advertising Network have a unique opportunity that helps dealers achieve this faster with the network of sites. Dealers who understand the game changing rules of Google Optimization will be able to add custom links for these major keywords, that will help their link target rank higher and eventually when Google provides Related Searches for these terms your dealership will show up.

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