Google Reviews Changed

Google has once again changed its position regarding reviews in Google place. It started dropping third party star count. This change is a welcome change for some dealers who have bad third party reviews but for those dealers whose reviews were better off with third party counts have to step up their game in getting reviews posted in Google Places from their Customers.

What can Dealers do to improve their review counts?

Automotive dealers need to have an in-store reputation management policy to manage Google Places. With a whole lot of smart phones on the market selling at considerably lower prices, dealers need to start using Android phones, iPhones, iPads etc. The Google Places app can be installed right on them.

Dealers can use Google Boost to spice up their PPC strategy. Boost is an up and coming strategic advantage which we have been discussing with clients.

Third party reviews are still important and will still be indexed and viewed by your prospective customers.

In-Store IRM Processes and Training

Dealers looking for direction on how to best adapt to these changes should start an in store reputation management process that include using 3G smart devices.

Dealers must set processes to identify consumers with Google accounts while they are in the dealership. 550,000 Android devices are activated a DAY and all have Google Accounts. Google empowered consumers can post reviews directly on Google Places, with their account, from a mobile device.

If you need help with in store training, processes, and strategy on reputation management, give IntelliFusion a call.

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