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imageAlthough Search Engines are constantly changing their algorithms to better serve the consumer, the basics of SEO haven’t changed. Exact match domain URLs, Titles, Description and Keywords still play and continue to play a major role in Search Engine optimization. Maintaining high relevant content and keyword linking strategies are still important and are fundamental to Organic SEO. More than half the battle is won once these fundamentals are in place on your website. Then depending on the competitiveness in your area, your SEO Marketing efforts need to be supplemented with Microsites and PPC.

Automotive Advertising strategies used in AAN (Automotive Advertising Network) is built on the same principles outlined here.

For Search Dominance in your area for key money phrases, its imperative you use these key terms while linking. And deep linking these keywords will only make it better and faster.

Press Releases and Content publishing on several content publishing platforms like Free Press Release and the network of AAN sites is important to further achieve this dominance. For a busy dealership selling cars, its quite often very difficult to spend enough time on these Automotive Marketing and Search Dominance Strategies. To help dealers achieve this strategy, IntelliFusion has created a Content Syndication Tool to minimize the time it takes to publish content not only on AAN sites but also other blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, etc. We are continually developing new tools to further content syndication on most of the free platforms.

If you are member of AAN, you can schedule some time with Ananth Godavari for a quick demo and training on the tool. If you are not a member of AAN then perhaps its time to have a chat on what AAN can deliver for your dealership.

Here is what some dealers have to say about this new content syndication dashboard designed and created by Ananth Godavari and Automotive Advertising Company.

Gary Sanders from Stevinson Auto: The new will save Internet Managers time and allows more post on more sites. Before the new member tool, I was manually adding VDP post to three sites. I could see the search results in Google, but was short on time to do our entire inventory. I am excited to use this tool. Once again Ananth, Brian and the PCG team is helping get our inventory more exposure.

Joey Abna from Peltier:  Ananth,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how excited I am to have the new features that the Dealer Syndicator delivers to my business. I will be trained on the new tools tomorrow but I couldn’t wait to play around. I created a blog post for one of our WordPress blogs in less than five minutes the first time I used the tool. It was so easy to just click through the options copy the code and paste into my wordpress site.

These new tools will allow me to build even more content with optimized anchor text in much less time than ever before. I can’t wait to use the rest of the tools.

If you want to take your Automotive Advertising to the next step contact us and we strategize your marketing efforts.

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