Automotive Dealers Should Focus on Education in 2011

We are almost ready to start 2011 and in the new year dealers should be setting aside budget for staff education on Digital Marketing and Automotive SEO. This will ensure continued growth and prosperity in 2011.

As more dollars are allocated to digital marketing, social media, pay-per-click advertising, mobile websites, and location based media dealer principals have been slow to increase spending for staff education.

Digital Marketing education is partly static in nature and party dynamic. As Google and other search engines refine their algorithms, its imperative that automotive dealers either themselves or with the help of a strategic digital marketing partner should be on top of the changes and improvements. This will ensure continuous placement of Dealer’s web assets for their most common Geo targeted search phrases for their brands.

As the economy is still recovering consumers tend to buy more used cars than new cars and this is one area that dealers should focus on at least in the first half of 2011.

Dealers who spend marketing dollars on Adwords should educate and train themselves on how to benchmark and measure the results of these campaigns. Only then, wise decisions on investments can be made.

Having said that, dealers in 2011 should look into marketing spend on Advertising Tools like Automotive Advertising Network that help dealers increase their web visibility, there by increasing sales.

Automotive Advertising Network is an innovative digital marketing platform that produces tremendous results based on Automotive SEO Principles. AAN is a ever growing network on web assets and the networks grows, dealers find more dealer centric web assets that help them succeed in 2011.

Contact us and let us show you how we can help Automotive Dealers get the most in the new year.