Add Squidoo RSS feed on

Automotive Car dealers can use to list their dealership profile and get additional links to their other sites. Adding a profile page on cardealerwiki will also help them in their POD score and Google Page one Management.

Car Dealer Wiki pages can also handle RSS feeds from external sources. By Adding Feeds to these pages will not only help in fast and easy content but also provides valuable link juice.

Dealers who use Squidoo users and are interested in publishing their Squidoo Lens in wiki can do it by simply using the RSS feed Squidoo provides.

The Squidoo RSS feed URL will look something like, just replace the squidoousername with your own id and you have your Squidoo RSS feed.

The RSS feed for Automotive SEO Guru, Brian Pasch is

Once we have the Squidoo RSS feed its an easy step to put the feed in CarDealerWiki.

Go to Edit mode of the page where you want to add the Squidoo feed and use the following syntax to add Squidoo Feed.

<feed url="" entries=15>
== [{PERMALINK} {TITLE} ] ==

In the above piece of code just replace the URL to your Squidoo RSS feed URL.

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