Automotive SEO with New and Improved Twitter

Twitter announced significant changes to its website that I believe will help automotive dealers in Organic SEO and Google Page One Management.

By expanding twitter into multi-media social platform from being a mere text-messaging website, automotive dealers will be able to add videos and photos that can be optimized for Google Page One Management and footprint.

These new features are expected to roll out around the world in the next few days.

This is a major step for automotive dealers who use twitter, since dealers can now optimize their twitter accounts to keep consumers longer with more relevant information regarding the dealership and the cars that they sell, as well as with fixed ops marketing coupons and Ads.

The new website will feature two panes. The one on the left will feature the posts, or "tweets," from the people and businesses that users elect to follow. The right side will be devoted to pictures, video and other information contained within the tweets so users won’t have to navigate from their home pages.

Automotive dealers can now be able to add advertisement videos for car sales and coupons for services and parts and also be able to deep link their main automotive sites.