Design Awards for Automotive Websites

PCG Digital Marketing announced Automotive Website Design Awards Registration.

Registrations must be submitted by September 20th 2010 to be considered for evaluation.

Awards will be presented on October 12, 2010 in Las Vegas at an industry breakfast sponsored by PCG Digital Marketing.  The breakfast will also be announcing the 2010 ASMA Award winning companies.

The Automotive Website Awards for Design will be judged by internal review panel at PCG and outside design consultants.  The websites will be judged on a number of factors including Home Page Design, Integration of Research and Search Tools, Vehicle Detail Page Design, Consumer Shopping Experience, etc.

Members of the Automotive Industry are encouraged to submit their recommendation for the best designed automotive websites.  Three categories will be reviewed.

  1. Car Dealer Websites
  2. Third Party Automotive Advertising Websites
  3. OEM Websites

If you are interested in submitting an Automotive Website for this award, register for Automotive Website Design Awards.