Live Writer Publishing For Automotive Advertising Network Members

WordPress Writing SettingsAutomotive Dealers who signed up for Automotive Advertising Network and maintain Blogs in Word Press, Type Pad, etc can use Windows Live Writer to write and publish their post and create pages with ease.

Blogs in Word Press need to have something called Remote Publishing enabled. It is a very easy step to enable this. All you have to do is log in to your Word Press blog, and click on writing under settings menu.

Now when the writing options come up, look for remote Publishing Section towards the end of the page and make sure XML-RPC Check box is enabled. This will make windows live writer login and get information about your Word Press blog.

Enable XML-RPC in Word Press

This setting is only available for custom word press installations not for blogs created on

Windows Live Writer is free and if you are an Automotive Dealer and interested in publishing your inventory in you blogs, FaceBook, etc, you can sign up for Automotive Advertising Network.

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